The single best answer from every YIAY ever (#1-499)

Just a lil something until #500 is ready. Thanks for watchin, fellas
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  • Hey fam. I know what you really want. This is just a lil something to tide you over until the big 500 is ready, which will be the next video!

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    • 500th reply lol

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  • Eieiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeieieieieieieiei

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  • How little we knew... 36:49

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  • Just realised Jack laughing feels like a laugh track like he laughs and I'm like "oh I laugh now" but it's not actually funny

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  • 36:39, they fucking predicted tik tok

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  • say pianist but without the 2nd syllable.

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    • @Waluwijee you removed the 3rd syllable try removing 'a'

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    • pia?

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  • I actually fell asleep to this

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  • "How to be a successful rapper" *4 views*

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  • Disappointed that the best YIAY outro wasn't the ants one

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  • What does the dollar number in the top left mean

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  • The one about trends of 2020 aged so poorly. We couldn’t even Klop or Dunk...

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  • 36:36 That didn't age well... But the part where he says the future sounds like shit, that was correct, also not good .....

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  • :(|)

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  • "wow the future sounds like shit" mans a time traveller

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  • I’ve watched this video an unhealthy amount of times

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  • 34:11 kinda looks like he is in bed.

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  • 43:11 a group of depressed friends are called suicide squad! . So dump i know

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  • 1:35:56 This aged well

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  • I am waiting for the next Jacks challenge, so I can use to make a remix of the Alexander Hamilton 2 song for Jack to use for Alexander Hamilton 4.

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  • #MameSovement2015

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  • 36:37 We never saw it coming..

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  • last

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  • God they were way off with the 2020 question

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  • 36:48 if only he knew the irony of this statement

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  • watched through this whole video instead of doing my online school work. thanks, john!

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  • I keep returning for the perfect cuts. That's all.

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  • “Wow the future sounds like *shit*”

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  • What’s the best thing you can say about sex Me: sweet home Alabama

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  • He sais 2016 is a mess wait 4 years and you’ll see

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  • 36:45 Jack says 2020 sounds like shit, he’s an oracle.

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  • Me me big disappointment

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  • That jump cut from have sex at night to the bedroom scared me for like a solid second

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    • Its like 6 mins in

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  • 13:04

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  • Me me big disappointment

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  • this would be so much better if the question wasn’t there

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  • One thing she hates to see in the bedroom is me. :(

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  • Pls Bulgaria

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  • I just realized: 2012: american election, was supposed do be the ned of the world 2016: american election, bad year 2020: american election, horrible year I think its safe to assume the year 2024 will be a bad year

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  • POV: You're watching Jacks hairline slowly recede over the course of one and a half hours.

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  • 19:51 If anyone has played Portal they know the true answer

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  • idea: every question at the end of each yiay

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  • What will be the most popular trends of 2020? Yeah, about that.

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  • 54:39

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  • 6:30 he used that idea the next night for the yiay

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  • It’s dream at 1:12:46

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  • This video really chumbles my bumbles

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  • Hey jack congratulations on 500 episodes I hope you get at least 30 more episodes

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  • Antarctica is actually a continent so there would be a lot of rock underneath it.

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  • Wow. He was right. 36:48

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  • 32:05 hits different

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  • The fact that he predicted 36:49 is amazing

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  • 3:10 Do you think it was the baby in the profile pic that said that?

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  • 33:38 anime not hentai

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  • to this day, i and many others still do not know what the "olive bar" is

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  • 36:48 JohnMovies predicting the future

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  • The wacky turkey metabolically glow because weight enzymatically close across a parched bridge. crazy, lewd foot

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  • This video hits diffrent in 2021

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  • What's with mocking Pewdie Pie and LWAY. You even use the same jingle as he does. Can't you come up with your own content?? This sucks!!

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    • please tell me you're kidding. YIAY began in 2015, way before LWAY

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  • A new curse word: Dipfuck

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  • 36:45 Apparently, Jack can foresee the future.

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  • He said 2020 was shit its true

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  • 36:37 Covid-19

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  • At 22:09 the QR code actually goes to his channel

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  • Me me big disappointment

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  • Rewatching this today and wow, that PETA acronym is spot on, anyone else remember they went after the harm of digital animals in Animal Crossing NH?

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  • 36:49 I mean he’s not wrong

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  • I’ll have you know that schools now teach about haikus too much, we have entire units on haikus.

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  • I watched the whole thing time to kms

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  • 36:48 dude's a psychic

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  • Amazing. You’ve made so many great videos Jacksfilms. Congratulations on getting so many successful YIAY vids!

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  • Do the klop

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  • *K* ill *Y* our *S* pouse

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  • 1:07:01 Sounds like Weevil that kid is a bastard

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  • How long did making this video take?

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  • 36:38 Holy shit

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  • at 36:48 this guy called it

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  • The only way the dunk would even sound remotely fun is if it’s Mario or DK’s forward air.

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  • 5 6 7 8 now it’s time for endgame

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  • My fetish is forcing straight men into the role of women and seeing them be completely confused and afraid and play the role of god

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  • What will be the biggest trends in 2020 eh, Netflix just Netflix

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  • Dark humor ofc, but the top answer for YIAY 26 (2:46) and YIAY 93 (10:15) almost following up just right... Feels like its own lore right there.

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  • I watched this WHOLE FRICKIN VIDEO

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  • 32:05 Nowadays, this answer just has a whole new meaning...

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  • when he said: "Wow, the future sounds like shit" it scared me at 36:40

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  • Season’s greetings, everybody! As an early Christmas gift for all of you (at least I consider it a gift), I would like to share this crazy idea that’s been on my mind for months: when I first watched this video back in May, there were a few cases where I doubted the chosen answers, maybe there were other answers that come close or straight up are better than the chosen ones; since then, I’ve been wanting to go back to all the YIAYs and see all the answers myself to deliver my personal verdict. I couldn’t do it back then because I was busy with school, but as soon as the holiday season came around and I got free time, I finally got the chance to go forward with this crazy endeavor. What you’re about to read is a review of every YIAY presented in this video, to see if the answers showcased here are indeed the best ones of their respective episodes, if other answers deserve some love as well, or if they are as good (or even better) than the answers showcased here, alongside other miscellaneous observations and personal anecdotes; all of this is my personal opinion, of course. I will be referring to the answers showcased in this video as TCO (The Chosen One), so it’s easier to write all of this. Without further ado, let’s just jump into it! 1. 0:04 Just like Jack said after reading the answer, YIAY as a whole kicked off with a great start, it really sets the tone for everyone’s favorite daily series; the only answer that comes close to TCO is “I don’t play football for the trophies, I play for when a 300-pound man pats me in the ass. One done, 498 to go, let’s keep goin’! 2. 0:13 The answers start to get better in the second episode, with many that come close to TCO, for example: “The Bible: Satan’s Perspective”, The Fault in Our Supernovas, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hairs Down Below”, and the sequel to Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs S. This is the first of several episodes where there are many really good answers. 3. 0:18 Here I also like “It’s not you, It’s your My Little Pony fanfic”, “That was great, here’s your money”, sing a song with the wrong girl’s name (which enters the “actual suggestion” area), “I wanna divorce because you look like a horse” (and the answer said before it makes it funnier), “I don’t feel right doing this, grandma”, “this can’t go on anymore, professor, my boyfriend will find out”, and someone took Erin’s advice from JackAsk 36 (can I get some F’s in the replies for the demise of JackAsk?). 4. 0:22 Here I also like “All vanilla for White History Month”, “an Oreo flavored like Jesus since y'all need him”, and “I don’t believe in sweet foods”. Also, honorable mention to the person who said all the creative witty responses made ‘em feel brain dead, which is still relatable to this day. 5. 0:29 Here I also like “Fifty Shades of Grey ending with an apology video”, “Never Say Never: Justin Bieber’s career ends when it was supposed to”, “I would make every M. Night Shamalamadingdong movie decent”, and “Citizen Kane ending with a bitchin’ guitar solo”. 6. 0:35 Here I prefer: There Will Be Blood, Predator, 12 Angry Men, She’s The Man, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Hobo With a Shotgun (the latter two specifically because I had to google if those were actual movies). 7. 0:37 Here I really like: Turn Down For Jesus (my church choir), “Any Hannah Montana song, am I right 1900’s kids?”, and “Partying is unchristian, Jack” posted by a person named Privilege with a checkmark as their avatar. I’d also like to point out that here we have one of the first (if not THE first, as far as my knowledge goes) Kidz Bop jokes on this channel, it’s nice to relive history. 8. 0:42 Speaking of reliving history, here we have the very first dad-related joke ever featured in YIAY, I don’t know why but Jack sure went through a dad phase in 2015 YIAY, must have been the stress of YGS 100. Going back to the matter at hand, I quite like Zombie Repellent Bat-Spray, fight fire with fire (more zombies), a shirt with Danny DeVito’s face on it, and the person over-analyzing that whole zombie situation, what a dork, am I right? Oh wait… 9. 0:48 Here I also like “Hey girl, wanna pork? Just kidding I’m Jewish”, “I don’t want your window to keep us apart anymore”, and throwing a paper airplane from your favorite watchin’ bush. Quick tip though, that Leo DiCaprio comment doesn’t work anymore fellas, so don’t try it. Also, speaking of reliving history yet again, looks like two answers from this episode inspired the Roses Are Red episode, it’s crazy to think how those two people had such an influence on this series, so let’s check out what that influence led to! 10. 0:54 Looks like Jack didn’t hesitate to include another dad-related answer so soon after the previous one here; here’s a few that I prefer (I will be abbreviating Roses are red (RAR) and Violets are blue (VAB) if they are not changed in certain poems, for this episode and the all the other Roses are Red episodes): “RAR, VAB, they don’t think it be like it is but it do” I like this one because when I first saw it back in the day I had no idea what it meant, “RAR, VAB, I have a gun, get in the van”, “RAR, love is bliss, except when the hoe has syphilis”, “roses are gay, violets are gay, poems are gay, this is so gay”, “RAR, VAB, If you don’t like Christmas, you're prolly a Jew” (my favorite freaking holiday:, “RAR, fedoras are blue, eat some Doritos and drink Mountain Dew”, and “RAR, you look good in a flannel, this series should be on your main channel” showcasing the start of the growth this whole series has had. Finally, I recall seeing a MW3 inspired poem using a clip from this video, here’s the link for all of you COD fans to enjoy: 11. 1:02 Here I also like “My dad so I could see him every night” which one of the better dad-related answers, and “Ray Mysterio Johnson” if you know, you know. 12. 1:07 SPEAKING OF RELIVING HISTORY YET AGAIN, THE VERY FIRST ACRONYM EPISODE. Here I also like “Let’s Obscenely Violate Each-other” and “Look Out, Vulva Explosions”. 13. 1:11 SPEAKING OF RELIVING HISTORY YET AGAIN, THE VERY FIRST IN JUST 4 WORDS EPISODE. CAN YOU TELL HOW EXCITED I AM?!?!?! Here I prefer “Look it changed again”, “How’d I get here?”, “Great for watching childbirth” (which Jack has talked about before), “11 year olds trolling” sung like the 12 Days of Christmas song, and “stop the makeup tutorials” remember when Jack decided to upload one of those himself? Because I certainly didn’t until I rewatched this episode. 14. 1:18 Here I also like “Shut up, you’ll never be the man you’re mother is” yes they did use you’re incorrectly, this isn’t on me, “if you were anymore inbred you’d be a sandwich”, “even Sam Pepper wouldn’t grab your butt”, “I get reeeeaaaal flaccid when I’m around you”, “your genitals are far too large sir”, and “you’re as useful as Anne Frank’s drum set”. Also, SPEAKING OF RELIVING HISTORY YET AGAIN, AND AS FORESHADOWED FOUR EPISODES AGO, THE VERY FIRST YIAY EPISODE UPLOADED TO THE MAIN CHANNEL, THIS IS HUGE. 15. 1:23 Here I also like “You a cop?”, “in Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s or in me (which still flabbergasts me to this day)”, “Stephen Hawking’s home gym”, the one where an American and a Brit started a Stereofight™, and the kind soul who offered a space in their bed. Also, SPEAKING OF RELIVING HISTORY YET AGAIN, THE VERY FIRST FOREHEAD JOKE IN YIAY. 16. 1:37 Here I quite like: “royalty free music so I don’t get a copyright strike on RedTube”, “You Got A Friend In Me”, “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”, “Twist and Shout seems to work for my parents”, and “Fifty Shades of Greg soundtrack”. 17. 1:41 Not much to say here, I really like the thorough explanation. Also, 2015 Jack said the last answer said in the episode, which is not TCO, is his favorite, how curious. 18. 1:57 SPEAKING OF RELIVING HISTORY YET AGAIN, THE VERY FIRST MY MUSIC YOUR LYRICS EPISODE, THIS IS SUCH A BIG MOMENT. Here I also like “Grampa stop touching me, your lips are like gravy” and “Baby don’t hurt me, I’m freezing, can it hurry? Two thirds of the worlds eggplants are produced in New Jersey”. Also, Privilege strikes back! 19. 2:06 Here I also like “I’d like to thank not only my mom and dad, but my parents”. 20. 2:10 Here I also like “I’m scared I’ll turn out gay but not fabulous” and “I’m afraid of getting rapped”, especially since it comes after a VERY existential answer. I'm gonna space this out over many comments so my computer doesn't explode, so expect the continuation of this in many replies below this comment.

    Luis GuerraLuis GuerraPrije 28 dana
    • I have no idea what happened to 51-75 but here it is: 51. 5:51 Here I prefer “long pause “I’ve seen you naked””, “my anaconda don’t talk mon unless you got buns hon”, “Who’s this gay talking on your computer screen?”, “Stop wanking and feed me!”, “it’s ok I never met my dad either” which I feel is one of the cleverer dad-related answers, “”you shouldn’t lock me in a cage” women are silly, aren’t they?” considering the amount of jokes regarding Erin in this position that were made over the years, and “Not everyone has pets Jack, check your thetans” which I confused with tetanus for the longest time, but after a quick google search, I realized how wrong I was. Little fun fact that no one asked for before moving on: this was the first YIAY episode uploaded on my birthday, and it’s not the last! 52. 5:54 I gotta say I started liking TCO not too long ago since I didn’t understand the joke back in the day, and Jack’s narration really sells it, but I also like these: “Nigerian prince, great opportunity”, “fedora owners watching hentai”, “People Online Researching Nothing”, and “hyper text transfer protocol”. 53. 5:59 Here I prefer “I can’t wait to see how fat you all get” and “my country does not have yearbooks” followed by “in my country we learn to play along”. 54. 6:06 Here I prefer “Nothing. Literally nothing, I’m a teenager” takes the cake. In other news, I wonder how the person who said “Hillary Clinton 2016” is doing, since that aged quite well for em. Also, RELIVING HISTORY ONCE MORE, BABYYYYYY, THE ORIGIN OF THE LIGHT SWITCH JOKES, I KNOW IT APPEARED IN THE “WHAT TURNS YOU ON” EPISODE BUT HERE IS WHERE IT REALLY SWITCHED ON (I couldn’t come up with anything, let’s just keep going). 55. 6:11 I think what really sells TCO is that it comes after a serious answer, so here it loses that extra touch. That being said, I also quite like “one that has taken 27 weeks to become fully ripe”, and “when my cellmate allows me to be the big spoon”. 56. 6:14 As opposed to the “what makes a man a man” episode, there are quite a few answers that I consider work much better than TCO, for example: not being able to even, one of Adam’s ribs, the inability to poop, a Bat Mitzvah, “Me” posted by God, and “The Vjj”. 57. 6:17 Here I also like “pick up those dumbell things and jiggle your arms until you look like Rambo” with the provided demonstration. But all jokes aside, running a dank meme blog still counts as running, try it. 58. 6:21 MY MUSIC YOUR LYRICS 2. Here I also like “double the memes double the dreaaaaaaaams, odontophobia is the fear of teeth”, “my dank memes aren’t for you, drop off the meth at the rendezvous”, and how Jack included two people who said no and it worked perfectly. 59. 6:28 Word of advice: sperm does sleep at night, so make sure to have unprotected sex then. Also, I’m sure a glitter sneeze would look fabulous, three fedoras at once must look extra stylish, and I never understood the purpose of “put a shirt in the freezer, it will get it cold”. 60. 6:35 Here I also like “screaming “I DON´T WANT TO DIE””, and “in a ski mask” (a staple gun should work too). I also want to mention “Wake them up inside” since I didn’t understand that reference back in the day. 61. 6:41 I don’t think any of these are as good as TCO, but I will say whoever that “Who cares? After having multiple amazing answers of my own, you still pick shit comments” is sounds like a hunk. Speaking of hunks, JUST KIDDING, WERE REVISITING HISTORY, NOTHING TO DO ABOUT HUNKS HERE, THIS IS THE VERY FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE YIAY OUTRO. 62. 6:45 I personally find “Put it in, Piglet” to be a bit more disturbing than TCO. 63. 6:50 The discovery of pizza on a bagel is fascinating, but Morgan Freeman talking about potato chips and salsa is much more fascinating. Also, what’s up with the person explaining their dream in excruciating detail? What a dork, am I right? Getting tired of this joke yet? 64. 7:04 Gotta say, none of these challenges are as interesting or difficult as the “Never Do a Challenge” Challenge. 65. 7:16 I feel like visiting her in prison, confidence and a sick Hot Wheels collection, and having bigger tits than her are all as effective as buying Amiibos. Take notes. 66. 7:21 I don’t have much to say here, aside from the fact that I am eternally confused by the “infants and bath salts” answer”. 67. 7:28 “You should get tested” has a very different meaning this year, huh? Also, I prefer “Relationship, you are ruined” so dumb and yet so funny. 68. 7:32 Regarding TCO, such a massive project would be very difficult to perform and it has many other factors to consider so let’s just get back to laughing: the narration of “stop feeding yo mama ooh amirite up top” really sells it, and the idea of humans becoming carnivals is…interesting. 69. hehe funny number. 7:39 I’d say “moon him” also works but apparently that gets you a raise, so TCO will have to do nicely. 70. 7:45 Here, I feel like EHH, undank, swaggy, mewling quim and diploid (with added explanation) work better than just a bucket of water. 71. 7:48 Not much to say here, that’s just good advice. 72. 7:56 Honestly, I like almost every answer here, so I’ll just keep goin’. 73. 8:01 Knowing the physical characteristics and limitations of Uranus is very important, but I also want to mention “Victor’s Secret” (the name really sells it), and “crowdfunding website” which sounds like a terrific idea! I hope somebody makes one of those. 74. 8:09 Not much to say here, the brain prostitute is very effective, but I would like to point out how crazy it is that this year we lived the month-long 4/20 one comment foresaw. 75. 8:15 Here I like Pranksters vs The Hood, Y’all vs Jesus because we need him, Santa vs Satan (Battle of the Anagrams), Your Mom vs My Mom (Mom Wars), and Canada vs Anyone because I don’t understand it; but I will admit TCO sounds like a bloodbath (I’m on the winning side, so prepare to catch these hands

      Luis GuerraLuis GuerraPrije 28 dana
    • 476. 1:28:18 Here I prefer “Oh Jack, don’t you know? Area 51 was inside you all along”. 477. 1:28:30 Not much to say here, that’s just impressive. 478. 1:28:56 While TCO is the obvious choice, I prefer “I’m so nervous, this is my first date in a while”, “hey you, you’re finally awake” because poor Mr. Films didn’t understand the classic Skyrim meme like those other memes I mentioned earlier, “don’t worry, I already know where you live”, “I wish I learned how to drive…when I was alive”, “have you seen that new ‘TrollFace’ MeMe?”, and “hey what’s up, HRclubs? Today were gonna be doing the fake Uber driver prank”. 479. 1:29:02 Here I also like “My apology video [Sponsored]”. 480. 1:29:14 You can’t have the pasta without the sauce, but there’s so much more gold to dig here, for example: a religious cover of Revenge, “try to take some constructive criticism here, the pacing and characterization wasn’t very consistent, work on it” in response to someone wanting to plug their Klondike and Sundae furry fanfic, “You know, you do need a pretty high IQ to grasp most of Jack’s humor. Personally, with an IQ of 165 (even though I’m only 14!) I can only laugh at the dislikes of lower IQ peasants”, “okay you know the deal “ and then a list of 10 Shrek characters because apparently Jack didn’t know about those “like this comment and the number you get is which character you are” comments, the return of “less YIAY more THIGH am I right ladies and gals? Up top”, and “who else did the stanky leg when jack mentioned the sponsor?” 481. 1:29:43 Here I prefer “did someone ring the dinkster?”, “yo why’s this chat so dead?”, and “JohnMovies is mentally ill and should be executed” I’m surprised this wasn’t featured, because in YIAY #500, it’s in his Top 10 Favorite YIAY answers segment, so what happened? I’m sure there’s an explanation. 482. 1:29:52 Not much to say here, I hope he finds a boyfriend for his wife. 483. 1:30:18 Here I also like the one where Jack blocks his own wedding kiss, the one where “Now that’s what I call pretty epic” is repeated over and over (with added effects throughout), the one with the infamous Mario and Sonic gif (you know which one), the one where several videos are played at once overlapping each other, and the Attack on Titan one with the slide whistle at the end (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 484. 1:31:03 It’s time to spook Jack up again, and I gotta say, Karen didn’t spook me that much, so here are some other spooky submissions, where Jack is: a VSCO girl, a Canadian from South Park, Jesse from Breaking Bad, Digitally-Removed Mustache Man from Justice League, Uncle Ben dying again, in 3D made to look like Claymation, 4 Kidz Bop kids, an animated cartoon, Shrek in Fortnite, in Fight Club, a comic book character, and a 3D Joker (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 485. 1:31:16 Not much to say here, imagine not understanding Shrek porn. Those damn boomers. 486. 1:31:23 Here I also like the one with the furry behind bars in Alcatraz which is now on the soon-to-be-nuked moon, the iPhone holding hot dog boy holding a hot dog boy holding an iPhone, and an O turned into a face (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 487. 1:32:03 Well, TCO is incredibly somber, and so far, scarily accurate, so let’s laugh a little with “door, reception, doctor, crying” you know what this is about. 488. 1:32:14 Sadly HRclubs wasn’t brave enough to make TCO a reality (or any other prediction), but if it actually had happened, I feel like it would have missed something, maybe a standoff between Logan Paul and KSI in an old western town while Old Town Road plays. 489. 1:32:35 If you can’t load an old save file, just use the old reliable and post an apology written in the Notes app, or even better, A P O L O G Y T O U R. 490. 1:32:42 Not much to say here, that’s so thoughtful. 491. 1:33:09 Not much to say here, TCO is the best one. 492. 1:33:16 MY MUSIC YOUR LYRICS CHRISTMAS EDITION. Is it royalty-free, though? Here I also like “me me festive boy, Christmas is a marketing ploy, just sit on my lap and talk about toys”, “presents are pointless ‘cuz were all gonna die, I swear this was about some Jesus guy”. 493. 1:33:33 Here I also like the Elf on the Shelf and Jack switching places (here’s the episode if you wanna see it: . And like that, we’ve reached the end of 2019. I CAN ALREADY TASTE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. 494. 1:33:59 Happy 2020, everybody! It’s been a very odd year for all of us, but let’s not think about the bad right now, let’s think about garbage Christmas gifts! Here I also like Trivial Pursuit Big Bang Theory Edition, Ballwash (which doesn’t sound that bad), The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information (which also doesn’t look that bad), a farting animals coloring book and “52 things to do while you poo” another great book, astrology pencils (specifically Leo), a twerking bear, The Little Book of Stoicism, and of course, the Garfield Meme Calendar. 495. 1:34:18 Not much to say here, that was such a good idea that someone actually made it. 496. 1:35:55 Here I also like the bus shaped like the Nepali flag, the very detailed Klondike bus drawing, and the unnecessarily detailed drawing of the bus as a human (arms and legs as the wheels, eyes and nose on the front, ears and hair on the back, and the mouth as the door with the tongue as stairs). Here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 497. 1:36:14 I don’t know why but TCO reminds me of this vine: Going back to answers, I also like “this abomination” with a picture of shoes that look like feet wearing sandals, “how big my dong is, am I right ladies?”, “the man smiling behind you in your videos, sometimes he’s there and sometimes he isn’t”, and “my dad still insists on bathing me and I’m 26”. 498. 1:36:32 Coincidentally enough, TCO also works for the previous episode. I also like the picture of Rocky beating some meat, “jerking it to Corona-themed porn”, “watching all of your videos, yes all of them, in chronological order” if true then that person kicked my ass, “finishing this troubling drawing” all I’m gonna say about it is that Jack is really short and is wearing a Vibe Check t-shirt (here’s the episode if you wanna see it:, and “winning the greatest fake argument of all time”. 499. 1:36:57 YIAY #499, that’s almost FIVE hundred. Here I also like “Sir, I Moisturized my Pampies” by Sr. Pelo, “Short Italian Meets Princess (Mario)” the parentheses take this comment from clever to hilarious, “Super Interesting Minecraft Playthrough”, and “Squirrels In My Pants” reference from Phineas and Ferb, not Phineas and Erb like Boomerfilms said. 500. At this point I would technically be done, but 499 is kind of a weird number to end on, so I figured I would revisit the big one, as promised many years ago, the hour-long YIAY #500. I didn’t watch all of it again, just a few segments since I already had some answers in mind. In the drinking game segment, I like “movies that describe your sex life: Not Without My Daughter (with a poster)” and “new acronyms: Christian Hunks Against Dabbing”. In the green screen segment, all the submissions are incredible, but my favorites are the one that transitions into Cooking with Cyr (if you don’t know what that is:, the one that has a YTP at the end, and the one where Jack is a guest on Red Letter Media. And like that, I’m done. Glad I got that off my chest. If you’re wondering, this took an absurd amount of effort and time: first, I watched this video and wrote all of the showcased answers in an Excel document; after that I went back to watch every single YIAY, writing down my favorite answers in said Excel document and then started writing this comment in a Word document, episode by episode. All of this happened in the span of roughly 3 weeks, and took around 3 days total in time. While it was a lot of work, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I enjoyed doing it; it was nice to go back to the beginnings of this series and see how the questions, the answers, and even Jack’s narration evolved. I enjoyed this blast from the past, but it’s time to go Jack to the Future (I’m not sorry). Well, that’s it. If you read this whole thing, thank you x1000000, happy holidays, and a happy new year to you!

      Luis GuerraLuis GuerraPrije 28 dana
    • 451. 1:18:16 Of course TCO is the best one, it’s such a good idea that Jack and many other people actually made it, but I want to point out that two separate people mentioned “Pickle Thanos” which is interesting. 452. 1:18:43 Here I prefer “less YIAY, more THIGHS, am I right ladies? Up top!”, and “this feels less like a YIAY question and more like a call for help”. 453. 1:18:58 Here I also like “best merch plug” because Jack could win it, and “the youngest fanbase”. 454. 1:19:09 Here I’m surprised that there are, not one, not two, but THREE acronyms, that’s just impressive: “Creative, Loving, Influence lives, Caring, Kind, Basic, Awesome, Immortality, Terrific”, “Good branding, Original content, Offer opinions, Don’t copy others, Love what you do, Observe other popular content, Open up yourself, Keep persevering, Speak confidently”, and “Nice attitudes are best, Opening up to fans, Trustworthy behavior at all times, Just anything nice, Always happy to help, Caring about fans, Klondike nice pupper!”. 455. 1:19:27 Not much to say here, that does sound like a movie that already exists; I’m not even gonna check because I know it’s been made. And like that, we’ve reached the end of 2018, with 44 more episodes to go. I’M RAPIDLY APPROACHING THE END. 456. 1:20:21 Happy 2019, everybody! There ain’t a better way to celebrate a new year than with garbage Christmas gifts and the start of the ASMR phase! I actually don’t think the ASMR phase was that bad, it worked fine with both Fix Your Art episodes, but it was kind of an odd change, a “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” situation. Going back to the answers, there are many other great, horrible gifts here, like: Diary of a Farting Creeper, a plushie that plays an extremely low quality mp3 of Despacito, a book titled “Etiquette Rules” courtesy of grandma, the iconic “I’m a gamer not because I don’t have a life but because I choose to have many” t-shirt, zit stickers, Fortnite Monopoly if Monopoly for Millennials wasn’t epic enough, and Meme: The Game but this year it’s the Disney edition. 457. 1:21:25 Other interesting TED Talks here are: “E-Sports is a sport, you guys are just mean |:((“, “how to get in YIAY with minimal effort”, and just the link to “Shoenice eats famous Instagram egg, shell and all” (Here’s the link if you want to see it, for some reason: 458. 1:21:32 Lol imagine being vegetarian instead of vegan, couldn’t be me. I also like “the 8 spiders you eat each year will know and stop climbing into your mouth”. 459. 1:21:46 Here I also like “The Super Smash Brother”, “Yoko Ono, final smash is this” and then a HRclubs link but if you remember the Zayn-related episode then you know what it is, “Gun Mario”, and “Matt” because Mr. Films here didn’t know about the very topical Matt from Wii Sports meme, what a loser! 460. 1:21:52 It’s interesting to see TCO since that joke was made in episode 210, but it was beaten by the best memer out there. Here, however, I prefer “for your amazingly consistent upload schedule: YIAY: every day, JackAsk every Wednesday, PMS every Monday, and YGS every single Friday” don’t forget about GamerGod88 on Saturdays, “because you paid me $20?”, and “that microphone is incredibly annoying” such a cool reason. 461. 1:22:04 Here I also like the one that says “bazinga” at the top made out of Nepali flags with two Fortnite characters to the sides and a Minecraft XBOX controller in the middle, the one with Joker Gru saying “Gamers Rise Up“, and the one that’s the US flag but in black and green with the Game Theory logo as the stars and Cheetos-bathed fingerprints in the middle (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 462. 1:22:27 Here I also like the one where he gave the dude who likes BDSM a HUGE grin, and the one where he turned a guy holding a “I eat ass” sign into a moon-truther (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 463. 1:23:06 Here I prefer the honeymoon video he turned into a horror movie trailer (here’s the episode if you wanna see it: And like that, we’ve reached the end of the ASMR phase, which lasted 12 videos, 8 of those being YIAYs. 464. 1:24:22 Here I also like “Throw it on the pile” Notch strikes again, and “I’d remake the film 300 on a 300-dollar budget” savagely followed by “didn’t they already make Meet the Spartans?” 465. 1:25:03 Here I prefer the one with Pitbull and the Latin text that says “Lord of all Earth” which he very much is, the one that says “Gamer Time, Earth Gang” with a Roblox character, Sans from Undertale, Waluigi and Bart Simpson dabbing, the globe turned into the US flag like Erin would want, and the one that tells us what Earth stands for: Europe, America, Russia, Texas and Helvetica (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 466. 1:25:23 Here I also like the one that turns Sonic into a cereal mascot, and the pixel art for the gritty horror reboot (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 467. 1:25:34 You might think that metal sound at the end of the credits is a nod to Iron Man 1, but it was actually Uncle Ben dying again, only true comic book fans know. Here I also like “everyone is alive and happy AND THEN BOOM, THANOS 2 APPEARS”, and “the next big villain but in a way that only true comic nerds will know who it is”. 468. 1:25:47 The final Roses Are Red, this is very sad, until it’s brought back in YIAY #500, boom get prank’d. Here I prefer “RAR, Thanos is thick, now’s your chance Ant-Man, get up there, quick!”, RAR, VAB, we did this 5 times already, can you stop?”, “revenge was red, the parade was black, My Chemical Romance is never coming back” I’m sure all those people complaining about the g note in the Roses Are Red theme really liked that one, “RAR, my soul is grey, but in a few weeks, picture of Justin Timberlake” figure it out, “RAR, monsters are scary, “playing Fortnite for 30 minutes to own Prince Harry”, “RAR, their death made me sulk, aw yeah Black Widow, aw yeah Hulk”, and “well we know that roses are red, so I wrote a limerick instead. ‘Tis a desperate try to get me on YIAY, I guess I’d be better off dead”. 469. hehe funny number, kinda. 1:26:01 Here I also like “idk my mom says it’s too violent and won’t let me watch :(“ posted by VeryGayJesus, and a video of the tweet of Jack asking the question with the letters rearranged into “watch Endgame or die!”. 470. 1:26:16 Here I prefer “Thanos’ named was changed in Ukraine to Yegor, because it’s too similar to “takno” meaning “mother of dogs” in Ukrainian”, “in a coin toss, the coin has a 56% chance of landing heads”, “James Cameron came up with Avatar in a dream after seeing the Blue Man Group perform”, “the singular form of macaroni is macaronus”, “Robert Downey Jr. improvised the “I Am Iron Man” line in Endgame” because it’s partially true: in the scene he originally stayed quiet, but during the editing process one of the editors suggested the line, and the rest is history; isn’t it so cool that a fake fact can be so believable it turns out to be somewhat correct? 471. 1:26:48 Not much to say here, me and the other one agree with TCO. 472. 1:27:04 While bamboozling an actual Ukrainian is impressive, I prefer the one where someone actually flipped a coin 100 times to see if it was true, that’s time wasted, meaning time being bamboozled. I also like “-that’s not appropriate for this chat. -I agree. Don’t be like this, Tyson. 473. 1:27:27 Not much to say here, who wouldn’t want an Epic Win shirt? 474. 1:27:52 Not much to say here, I’m still waiting on that apology. 475. 1:28:04 TCO is…umm…here are some good submissions: the one where she’s Mike Wazowski, the one where she’s one of those Avatar people, the one where she’s riding a bundle of eyes with bat wings, the one where she’s Skorpion, and the one here she’s being handed some YIAYs (here’s the episode if you wanna see these:

      Luis GuerraLuis GuerraPrije 28 dana
    • 426. 1:11:49 Not much to say here, TCO is by far the best one. 427. 1:12:02 Here I also like “Goblin War Buggy: Crash Team Racing” “Inferno Titan: Daddy’s Home”, “Rotted Hulk: Boat but it’s spooky”, “Tendrils of Corruption: I watch it for the plot”, and the card where a miscellaneous object is apparently going to…smack a monkey in a certain…rear area while many other creatures are watching, because, what the hell? Here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 428. 1:12:16 Alright, edgelord, but what if I actually want to listen to a podcast? Here’s a few good podcasts: “two hours of setting up my mic and recording software”, “my podcast is for the blind and told in braille”, “my podcast is about two friends who thought their private conversations were funny, but after the 5th episode realize they were wrong”, “it’s just me screaming the URL to every Kidz bop video ever made”, “each episode I’d pick a vine and spend an hour analyzing its major themes and underlying philosophy as if this was high school English class”, and “reviewing and rating all 424 YIAYs in chronological order” just put this comment in text to speech and you have almost that. 429. 1:12:23 Not much to say here. I’d pay for that Patreon. 430. 1:12:37 Did you like the Intros episode? Well, YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THE OUTROS EPISODE. There are many submissions here that I like, such as the one that takes us straight to hell, the one that resembles a 90’s sitcom outro, the one that replicates the outro in Minecraft, the one that uses the Canadian Kidz Bop cover of Despacito, the one that has many, many credits, the one where Shrek slowly dabs, the one that replicates YMCA (by the official LWIAY composer Day By Dave), the one that replicates a Ben Folds song, and, of course, we can’t forget ANTS, but I’ll gladly accept TCO since TheRealSullyG got the spotlight he deserved, because in the original video TCO gets second place, and Jack awards the first place to a video that plays all the YIAYs at once, synced on the intro; while it’s very impressive, it’s not an outro, and it should’ve been an honorable mention instead of taking first place, so I’m glad Jack learned his lesson. Here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 431. 1:13:10 Here I also like “now this is epic”, “ack, the klondom broke!”, “you’re a great friend”, “hi, welcome to chili’s”, “I’ve seen every YIAY” ;) 432. 1:13:22 Remember that horrific portrait of Jack I mentioned in the previous Fix Your Art episode? The person who made got featured here, so it’s all good; also, while fixing TCO, Jack mentions that himself in the portrait has too much tongue, but in JackAsk #74, Jack claims that too much tongue “ain’t no such thing” so I feel betrayed. Going back to answers, I also like the Content Wars poster with the added comment, Jub Jub on his first day of school turned into the “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme, Jack vomiting turned into a Christmas card, and the one where Jack is turning into Garfield, and he must find the strength to be himself again (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 433. 1:14:01 Sure, TCO is evil, but I’d argue that Inconvenience Man is much more evil. Some other great villains are The Butler, who cleaaaaaaans up, and Jacksfilms, who asks the same question twice hoping his viewers won’t notice (he’s great at that). 434. 1:14:09 Here I also like “one say to other one “can I have a shot on XBOX?” and other one says “not today not today, it is my day off from work and I have been looking forward to playing””, and “they don’t” and then a picture of the dogs with sandwiches in their mouths. 435. 1:14:38 You like revisiting history? HOW ABOUT REVISITING A SONG MADE 13 YEARS AGO? And after many, many years, this song finally has a title, kinda. Going back to the answers, I like “ft. Pitbull”, “send this to your crush without context”, “I’m still salty about not using my music degree the way I imagined”, “A Rub Will Do (Jub Jub’s theme), “One Dick on a Bench”, and “Requiem for a Meme”, but my absolute favorite suggestion for the song title is “I killed a man and felt nothing” it expertly sets the tone. 436. 1:15:04 I’ve gone through many YIAYs, and it’s interesting to think how different this little journey of mine if some of these rejected questions were actually made, because there even were never-made questions back in 2015; really makes you think. Going back to the topic at hand, here are some rejected answers I liked with their respective questions: “doctors said to avoid these three foods: Grandma Smith apples, Fuji apples, and green apples”, “as a musician: I find the physical form limiting, I despise the YIAY outro, I believe otamatones are the superior instrument (by experienced outro maker TheRealSullyG)”, “what’s your horoscope: you will find your soulmate but they might not be exactly how you expected them to be, they’ll have little quirks a tail and more hair than usual” “what are some things you think I hear every day as a famous youtuber: not tonight honey”, and “what’s the best thing to say to a telemarketer: challenge them to a rap battle, if they win, you’ll buy what they’re selling”. 437. 1:15:12 Here I also like “nobody, because spying on people is not only illegal, but morally unacceptable. I’m disappointed in you, John. I thought you were a good role model until you made this utterly disgusting tweet. You should be ashamed of yourself, and we as a community expect an apology video”, “my tongue hurts and that’s very irritating”, and “nice try, police officer”. 438. 1:15:26 Not much to say here, that reaction video was sweeeeeeet. 439. 1:15:38 Here I also like “look, another "famous" youtuber”, “is this Loss Angeles?”, “The Desolation of Smog”, “Los Angeles Changes Peoples” referring to that old sketch I talked about…a while ago, and “Honestly, I prefer Textopolis”. 440. 1:15:48 Here I also like “you’re finally fixing the annoying black lines on the sides of your profile pic” not yet but it happens, and “ur mom said you can’t make videos anymore :(“. Also, we’re seeing yet again how YIAY expands beyond HRclubs, first with the YIAY Book, and now with YIAY Live, which then spawned Are You Funnier Than A HRclubsr, both of these on Twitch. 441. 1:15:58 I’m no 90’s kid, so I’ll just have to trust your word. I also want to mention “I’m an 1890’s kid, and I love dying of polio”. 442. 1:16:11 Not much to say here, that will go viral. 443. 1:16:33 Here I also like “my gluten-free diet got all the cooks shook”, “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”, “slurpin’ my juice and I’m tryna remember all these darn formulas I have to know before November”, “don’t show up at 3 p.m. to color with me, you know how I like it when we color with green”, “bad things, they are doing bad things and I’m telling, I’m telling, I’m telling”. 444. 1:16:41 Here I also like “spot the difference (hard)” oh look it’s the thumbnail, and “a little bit XSive”. 445. 1:16:49 Here I prefer “I hate when HRclubsrs wear new merch as an “inconspicuous” preview”, “I hate when HRclubsrs marry to get more clout and later get a divorce for the same goal”, “I hate when HRclubsrs disappear for a while and claim they were working on a “project””, and “I hate when HRclubsrs expect me to finish their sentences”. 446. 1:17:07 Not much to say here, those cheeks are looking nice. 447. 1:17:28 You wanna know what’s better than lighting the fireplace? A Shrek theme, hell yeah. I also like “I choose the phone I have now” with a picture of a Windows phone, and “neither, I downgraded to a clamshell for emergencies only. You know, if something’s worth saying, it’s worth eye contact”. 448. 1:17:38 Not much to say here, who doesn’t love quirky people? 449. 1:17:48 We’re spooking Jack up again, and there ain’t no better way to do it than with Spider-Man 3. I unironically like Spider-Man 3 and don’t think it’s as bad as people say BUT WHO CARES? We have other great submissions to see, for example: The one where Jack is a Lego minifigure, The one where he’s Austin Powers and Klondike is Dr. Evil and Sundae is Mini Me and Erin is that fat guy whose name I don’t remember, the one where he’s in Killshot, the hellish nightmare where Garfield with a wedding ring is creeping up behind him with a light switch on the side and YGS as the background, a pixel art gif, ANOTHER you know I had to do it to ‘em joker which I was surprised to see, the one where he’s a chestburster from Alien, The one where he’s Charlie Brown, the one that’s just a picture of a Canadian model that looks exactly like him, the one where he replaces both Garfields from Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, the one where he’s being haunted by the ghost of his mustache, and the one where he’s in Punch Out (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 450. 1:18:05 Here I prefer “FOURSOME!!!???”, “my transformation EMOTIONAL”, “goodbye buddy (EMOTIONAL)”, and “$1 wine vs $100 wine tasting HDR 4K GONE SEXUAL”.

      Luis GuerraLuis GuerraPrije 28 dana
    • 401. 1:05:43 Here I also like “what is the worst Shrek movie?”, “add divorce to my to do list”, “what is 52 factorial?”, and “play the last song you played”. 402. 1:06:02 Here I also like “a sudden convulsive movement”. Get it? 403. 1:06:22 Lots of great bamboozles here, but the fact that someone bamboozled their friggin’ school with the Russian Shrek fact to the point that they allowed it to be publicly shown in the school is absolutely bonkers and so damn cool. 404. 1:06:33 Here I also like “Doni Bodes: Boni Chodes”, “Mr. Cemore: MrCemoreDiversityInMyHollywoodPlease or MrCemoreBUTTZ”, “Shrine: Shrine find a better channel u can’t”, and “HeyHeyIzDa KayKay: HeyHeyIzDa Le Epic KayKay With Da Dank MayMayz xD ~~r0wr~~ Im So Randumb lolzz”. Little fun fact that no one asked for before moving on: this was the second YIAY episode uploaded on my birthday! 405. 1:06:48 Not much to say here, a paycheck’s a paycheck. 406. 1:06:59 This is a very uplifting episode, it’s like hearing a Optimus Prime give a speech, with many other heartwarming underdog stories, like: “an ugly green man marries the princess”, “when my basketball team was losing the big game, then a golden retriever stepped in and won the game for us” I love Marmaduke, “in my health class, I was the only one of my friends who voted “yes” on watching The Emoji Movie, I felt as if I had little power but we ended up watching it” with provided proof, “this one time I watched an entire HRclubs video and I thought I wasn’t going to see an ad, but turns out I became the smooth transition”, and let’s not forget the person who just wrote the plot of Daddy’s Home and successfully bamboozled Jack. 407. 1:07:18 Remember that forehead gif I talked about around 74 episodes ago? Well, that person got their time to shine here, so it’s all good. I also like “start putting the YIAY answers over your forehead instead of at the bottom”, “content aware scale in photoshop seems to do the trick” with a provided example, and the one where someone provided a very detailed WikiHow article, how considerate. 408. 1:07:34 TCO has a point, but we do need more context; luckily someone did ask for more context, in 8 separate tweets. 409. 1:08:01 Here I also like both of the very cool submissions by Brock Baker, both “friendzoned again” iterations, the one where Erin is dabbing Jack away, the one where Erin’s forehead now matches Jack’s (simple yet effective), and the one where there’s a giant puppeteer Jack (here’s the episode if you wanna see these: 410. 1:08:10 Here I also like “go to hell you son of a bitch”, the coordinates to Hell, Norway, and “church, y’all need Jesus” because it felt like it was 2015 again. Also, I remember writing “North Korea” for that episode, thinking it was SO funny and it would guarantee me an appearance, but someone else posted it too and got featured instead of me. Who would’ve thought? 411. 1:08:15 Here I prefer “wipe them off with that unreleased merch you keep shoehorning into your videos”, “all you need is a good old rubby rubby from dat good blubber” because it doesn’t make any sense, and “no tears shampoo” even though the taste isn’t that good. 412. 1:08:21 Here I also like “Marvel is going downhill” because someone savagely replied with “um, try again honey”, and “Tony Hawk looses skatboard” such a heartbreaking moment. 413. 1:08:29 Here I prefer “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him YIAY”, “spent valuable time writing this comment” because it hits a little close to home, and “almost put a cereal box in the fridge”. 414. 1:08:46 While TCO is the best one since it takes so many steps, I think it’s funny how so many things related back to Austin Powers Goldmember. Also, this episode has a really fun concept, so if you’re reading this, Jack, consider making more episodes like this in the future. 415. 1:09:22 While TCO is the best one, I do like the announcement for Paul Blart 3. 416. 1:10:00 Not much to say here, that is the best pun. 417. 1:10:17 Here I also like “Jimmy Pandora, Avatar, and Magic Tree”, “Mr. Wheels, Mystique, Dr. Drinks A Lot, Aveter is my favorite series”, and a lovely contribution from Gus Johnson, including “Don’t Breathe guy”, but TCO is by far the best one, one of my favorite YIAY answers ever. 418. 1:10:27 I’m impressed that so many people referenced Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, so I wanted to point that out. 419. 1:10:37 I love Mountain Dew too, but I prefer “stop doing your channel, you greasy rat”, and “my cousin was in Paul Blart 2” both are wonderful suggestions. 420. hehe funny number. 1:10:43 Not much to say here, TCO is by far the best one and raises so many questions. 421. 1:10:56 There are many other beautiful locations aside from…in front of a train, like: Minecon, a gorgeous forehead sunset, the same picture but Erin’s on the opposite side (which took more effort than one would originally imagine), Loss, a delivery room with a sign that says “Delivery Room”, Pitbull thrusting his way into our hearts, Gene taking Erin away from Jack while he gives a thumbs up, and the background impressively recreated in Minecraft (here’s the episode if you wanna see it: 422. 1:11:12 Oh look this segment is back, Alexander rhymes again. Much like the previous Alexander YIAY chapter, there’s a few that I prefer over TCO: “was exposed to toxic waste, Alexander has new limb”, “ha ha has a speech impediment, Alexander stammerin’” I actually remember the moment where Jack received that answer on stream, “pictures with me cost 10 bucks, Alexander scammin’ ‘em”, “we make real estate simple, Alexander Anderson” it’s so crazy that that’s an actual sign, “why is it so hard to find an Alexander cameraman?” followed by “couldn’t find a cameraman, Alexander has no vid”, “knows a lot of tricky words, Alexander scrabble win”, “Jack just got a gender change, Alexander Jacqueline”, and “coming out on Prezzie's day, Alexander that’s a fib”. Also, remember when the original ending was “I’ll only make a 4th if Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s in” and people started tweeting at him about, so Jack changed the ending and reuploaded the video so people would stop bothering him, but Mr. Miranda himself said he wasn’t bothered at all when Jack already changed the ending? Good times! 423. 1:11:26 That’s not an acronym! Here are some real acronyms: “It Has Only Begun”, “Idubbz Hates Ojack Bilms”, “I Have Overactive Bladder”, “Intellectuals Have 0 Balls”, “I’m Hooked On Bath salts”, “Infinite House Of Bitches”, “It Hurts, Ohhh Benadryl”, and “when I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to Help me get large, and now that I’ve grown, I eat five dozen eggs so I’m roughly the size Of a Barge”. Even the answer I mentioned from episode 138 works better than TCO. 424. 1:11:30 Here I also like “Rufus from Kim Possible” and then a picture of Mr. Worldwide himself, and ”I actually had a crush on two people” and then a picture of the two Garfields from Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. 425. 1:11:37 I can already picture the protesters walking through the forehead entrance, wearing forehead headbands, playing “Pin the Forehead on the Dying HRclubsr” and Dance Dance Revolution with nothing but Kidz Bop classics, waiting for the world debut of the red band trailer for Shrek 5. Sounds like a fun Wednesday!

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  • 54:57 Option 3 Kill boyfriend then blackmail to make your friend gay

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  • 1:28:15 Not aliens just secret nukes, planes or weapons

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