The iPhone 12 is missing ONE thing... (YIAY #525)

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  • Me watching this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max 👁👁

    Egg SandwichEgg SandwichPrije dan
  • Me watching in 2021 still understanding the among us joke:

    Juliana McGuireJuliana McGuirePrije dan
  • o wow jack’s a leftie!!

    Seán O'DeaSeán O'DeaPrije 2 dana
  • oh thanks

    Natalie TorresNatalie TorresPrije 4 dana
  • I watch this in 2021 and still got the Among Us reference

    ニクラスニクラスPrije 5 dana
  • 2:50 i still do :/

    DogeinatorDogeinatorPrije 5 dana
  • that among us game sounds pretty shit ngl

    CStanCStanPrije 6 dana
  • Jokes on you Among Us still slaps

    ODISethODISethPrije 8 dana
  • It’s still popular

    TionwaTionwaPrije 10 dana
  • What makes you think fat people will have an Ex to text?

    Danny the Dan ManDanny the Dan ManPrije 10 dana
  • what do you mean i don't understand among us it's 2021

    birbbirbPrije 11 dana
    • It's a fucking joke

      nugget of chickennugget of chickenPrije 10 dana
  • it’s missing a charger

    Stupid Crap StreamsStupid Crap StreamsPrije 11 dana
  • jack really thought among us was gonna die lol

    ParkdumParkdumPrije 12 dana
    • It is dying

      TriescriesTriescriesPrije 6 sati
  • 2:46 i’m watching this in 2021 and i know what among us is 🙄‼️

    mcflymcflyPrije 14 dana
    • It's a fucking joke

      nugget of chickennugget of chickenPrije 10 dana
  • It’s 2021 and I still get that among us reference. Wow, I’m special.

    Jkdabomb10AJkdabomb10APrije 14 dana
  • Thanks for the explanation of the among us joke, as someone in 2021, i completely forgot about it

    Matthew AvílezMatthew AvílezPrije 14 dana
  • I'm sorry I'm in the year 2021, I still don't understand what Among us is.

    Baran lolBaran lolPrije 15 dana
  • 2021 and still got the among us reference God this is the dumbest comment I’ve ever made

    goboboggobobogPrije 15 dana
  • Heres one from third of 2021 "Not looking like a longer version of the iphone 5

    Some random guardianSome random guardianPrije 15 dana
  • Shut up intern 2

    I can't think of a cool name.I can't think of a cool name.Prije 15 dana
  • 2:30 well it was so fun that Apple took it from us and started doing it to their products

    K MacK MacPrije 15 dana
  • It is 2021 and I remember among us

    Damey GameyDamey GameyPrije 16 dana
    • @Annabelle It's a joke

      nugget of chickennugget of chickenPrije 10 dana
    • Same. He underestimated how long among us would last.

      AnnabelleAnnabellePrije 15 dana
  • This has 666k views and if that doesn't tell you the iPhone is evil I don't know what will Edit:Right now I mean

    Xhyon StirlingXhyon StirlingPrije 16 dana
  • It's 2021, I didn't know what among us was, but now I do

    Mega MudkipMega MudkipPrije 16 dana
    • Don’t Judge Me

      Imformed Where’sMyWifeImformed Where’sMyWifePrije 16 dana
    • Ah My Ass Burns

      Imformed Where’sMyWifeImformed Where’sMyWifePrije 16 dana
  • God that among thing barely aged well

    Quick gamerQuick gamerPrije 16 dana
  • wellcome to 2021

    Big RatBig RatPrije 17 dana
  • Of course I know among us, it’s 2021 too.

    Geek / DuskGeek / DuskPrije 17 dana
  • HA! I still get the among us reference

    VilmerGVilmerGPrije 17 dana
  • Among us is still popular Jack

    LD WayLD WayPrije 17 dana
  • Yes I am watching this is 2021. Among Us is still around though

    Krazie 02Krazie 02Prije 17 dana
  • Watching this in 2021 and no everyone still plays the fucking game

    LixunisLixunisPrije 17 dana
  • 2:51 ha its 2021 and among us is still relevant

    C LevesC LevesPrije 17 dana
  • Very Pogger ngl

    LendryLendryPrije 19 dana
  • 2:58: Well that totally aged well

    Muffins the Cat • 26 years agoMuffins the Cat • 26 years agoPrije 20 dana
  • Wow Jack saying Among Us died after the election didn’t age well

    Grumpy TurtleGrumpy TurtlePrije 23 dana
  • Christmas 2020 and Among Us is still going strong

    Isaac ArenIsaac ArenPrije 26 dana
  • A charger?

    Didi DogsterDidi DogsterPrije 26 dana
  • 2:02 finally,another left handed person

    Emma McBrideEmma McBridePrije 29 dana
  • The awkward pause after you made that joke... 2:57

    JosiahJosiahPrije mjesec
  • the charger

    hollisisanerdhollisisanerdPrije mjesec
  • Past jack, how did the election go?

    Ballisticzombie7Ballisticzombie7Prije mjesec
  • 2:46 this video will age poorly

    ToastyisburningToastyisburningPrije mjesec
  • Quality. It's missing quality.

    Imploding ElephantImploding ElephantPrije mjesec
  • I just bought an iPhone 12 mini! It’s actually great!

    : C3drw00d :: C3drw00d :Prije mjesec
  • 1:53 Bold of you to assume anyone that watches Jacksfilms will get an ex

    Enzo TealdiEnzo TealdiPrije mjesec
  • a headphone jack

    WackyHWackyHPrije mjesec
  • 3:13 smile

    Qwerty StudiosQwerty StudiosPrije mjesec
  • Everyone’s talking about the new iPhone holds up a iphone 4

    Qwerty StudiosQwerty StudiosPrije mjesec
  • I mean... he was right 3:07

    Mr. GuyMr. GuyPrije mjesec
  • OMG He didn't mention 5G 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times!!! IMPOSSIBLE.

    Joey AltieriJoey AltieriPrije mjesec
  • It’s missing the 4th camera

    SwaggyCashMASwaggyCashMAPrije mjesec
  • "Among us was a very popular game in late 2020 that was quickly forgotten about" Boy that aged well, didnt it?

    mykel topazmykel topazPrije mjesec
  • 2:42 This is so damn pretentious.

    Flits ManFlits ManPrije mjesec
    • How?

      ShkitsShkitsPrije 15 dana
  • 2:52 god i wish

    Kyle BrownKyle BrownPrije mjesec
    • same

      LikeToCode StreamsLikeToCode StreamsPrije mjesec
  • "among us was a very popular video game in late 2020 fooorrrr... about a month or so" i small part of me kinda wishes that was true

    Conor BurkeConor BurkePrije mjesec
  • To day we made the very first ifold the first folding phone it bracks easy so you have to pay us 1000% to fix it its titanium back and sides or so easy to bend in half and the price is 40000$

    AppleApplePrije mjesec
    • I literally made a whole other account to make a joke

      The FUNTIME foxy plush AdventuresThe FUNTIME foxy plush AdventuresPrije mjesec
  • What do you mean by asking apple to make the first folding phone? Already 3 folding phones that kind of work have been published last year, one from Huawei, one from Sumsung, one from another chinese company. And if you watched the videos about those phone, the comments there already pointed out, that apple too already made folding phones, like iphone 6 or so. The only problem is those iphones can only be folded once. XD

    William BerneWilliam BernePrije mjesec
  • Hey I still play among us

    Kai ChadwickKai ChadwickPrije mjesec
  • John Movies

    JakobJakobPrije mjesec
  • 2:04 *left* out?

    Three Dicks On A Bench 3Three Dicks On A Bench 3Prije mjesec
  • How about the head jack or the home button. They were key features of the original iPhone.

    The Super AmazingAlexThe Super AmazingAlexPrije mjesec
  • Poor people

    oldjeff100oldjeff100Prije mjesec
  • OH MY GOD, i keep accidentally swiping out of whatever app on im on and its VERY FUCKING ANNOYING

    Jaden HernandezJaden HernandezPrije mjesec
  • Telephoto

    It’s Fun TimeIt’s Fun TimePrije mjesec
  • 0:14 I need an extended version of this music

    The Eva UwUThe Eva UwUPrije mjesec
  • 2:52 jokes on u it’s a day before thanksgiving & it’s still really popular

    msmx musicmsmx musicPrije mjesec
  • *E*

    Mr bacon manMr bacon manPrije mjesec
  • The main thing missing from the new IPhone is a porn scanner which makes porn out of any photo you scan from your girlfriend to Garfield

    Demon Deadly DragonDemon Deadly DragonPrije mjesec
  • "as a busy mother on the go" i love jack

    writingthefuture [Sunny]writingthefuture [Sunny]Prije mjesec
  • Wait what song is used at 0:15

    YoovieYooviePrije mjesec
  • “Forgotten after presidential election” yes

    Redd MumadRedd MumadPrije mjesec
  • Samsung is best

    Akshay GuptaAkshay GuptaPrije mjesec
  • Next iphone wil have no screen. You have to buy it separate from the phone. Think different🤣👍. If apple keeps this up every one wil have to built there owne iphone in 10 years🤣🤣🤣

    Bryan NomeBryan NomePrije mjesec
  • Yeah. Yeah it’s been forgotten. It’s totally been forgotten. It’s not like people like it even more now!

    Benny FeigBenny FeigPrije mjesec
  • “Quickly forgot after the us election” Among us: HAHAHAHA YOU WISH

    Lemon LlamaLemon LlamaPrije mjesec
    • I’m glad it’s slowly but surely dying

      Your FBI agentYour FBI agentPrije 10 sati
    • it's a slow death but its happening

      ArgusArgusPrije 10 dana
    • It's dying tho

      Szymon PSzymon PPrije 10 dana
    • i just want to say that

      ballguy but polishballguy but polishPrije 14 dana
    • I think Jack is jealous Fall Guys died as fast as it did.

      WAN 7WAN 7Prije mjesec
  • i think it needs another camera

    Camilla Wynes :DCamilla Wynes :DPrije 2 mjeseci
  • “It was so much fun adding useless shit” No one on the apple team forgot that

    Bip BopBip BopPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Weird flex, but your ads are good quality. I actually watch for some reason

    CassandraCassandraPrije 2 mjeseci
  • There was an iPhone 12?

    giant the world endergiant the world enderPrije 2 mjeseci
  • "it's missing a CAMERA!!!"

    King BlöbKing BlöbPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Apple lost her mind in Brazil, an iPhone 12 pro max is more expansive than a galaxy z fold 2 5g + a Samsung smart watch + good headphones and it comes with a charger

    joao gabrieljoao gabrielPrije 2 mjeseci
  • a charger, that’s what’s missing, a charger

  • Tf you mean among us died after the election trump supporters are STILL trying to get me to vote for trump in the chat

    Anya FaithAnya FaithPrije 2 mjeseci
  • “As a busy mother, on the go” sounds like a pretty fun improv game.

    The Wicked LemonThe Wicked LemonPrije 2 mjeseci
    • Or a AMAZING hallmark movie 😃

      : C3drw00d :: C3drw00d :Prije mjesec
  • 2:27 _nostalgia for LG's env3 hits me like a baseball bat_

    Tyler FurrisonTyler FurrisonPrije 2 mjeseci
  • aw the thumbnail made me thing it was a parody

    InaudibleHumanInaudibleHumanPrije 2 mjeseci
  • They need to stop trying to improve and start trying to make it unique. Take a different path and find another way. Also STOP MAKING IT SO MUCH MONEY

    Jack JackJack JackPrije 2 mjeseci
  • Jack is the only person I know to rip on among us and I'm so glad that someone is doing it. The jokes are so beyond dead. (I did hold this opinion before the election, I just somehow missed this video until now. Jack definitely makes fun of it in an older video as well.)

    de brebeufde brebeufPrije 2 mjeseci
  • without watching the video I assume the answer is a good phone, because Apple hates everyone and everything #thives

    Daniel ArnoldDaniel ArnoldPrije 2 mjeseci
  • remember when everyone was excited for the ipad and iphone 4

    MightyJKFMightyJKFPrije 2 mjeseci
  • An app that helps you avoid Android users

    CODEYCODEYPrije 2 mjeseci
  • The iPhone 12 is missing a U2 album

    oddedaoddedaPrije 2 mjeseci
  • John still has that iphone 4 he threw on the floor in the iPhone 5 parody

    August GAugust GPrije 2 mjeseci
  • I GODDAMN HATE THIS BECAUSE IT'S TRUE actually totally good I agree me me big boy epic club

    random biordirandom biordiPrije 2 mjeseci

    Gaming Hub360Gaming Hub360Prije 2 mjeseci
  • "World's first folding phone?" He isn't serious there, is he?

    Gudder GamesGudder GamesPrije 2 mjeseci
  • ahh fellow left handers

    CoolWheat 6353CoolWheat 6353Prije 2 mjeseci
  • Wait, Jack's left handed? I didn't notice that...

    Snake EmperorSnake EmperorPrije 2 mjeseci
  • 2:46 Holy shit, he was right! 😂

    Leonardo BSKLeonardo BSKPrije 2 mjeseci

    TEETSMANTEETSMANPrije 2 mjeseci